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Commitment to Sustainability

We care Our Planet

These are our ecopracticas, we make be the first hotel in Easter Island with the seal of ECOLIDERES advisor since our work is environmentally friendly.

  • Respect the Environment as the main objective.Promote reuse, recycling and waste management so environmentally friendly.
  • Awareness and adequately educate all employees of Hotel Rapa Nui in a continuous way, through courses and training programs related to improving quality and the environment.
  • Digitization of most business processes in order to recycle and reduce paper use.
  • Minimizing environmental impact by rationalizing the consumption of energy and natural resources through energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.
  • Engage our Sustainable Management System to our suppliers, employees, guests and the rest of society, making them share the same.
  • Provide our guests with information regarding our principles on Sustainable Development and the efforts we made to preserve the environment and local culture.
  • Rapa Nui Hotel is committed to implement measures to reduce the use of disposable items and instead encourage the purchase of goods reusable, returnable and recyclable, care of the environment.
  • Promote public transport and cycling mobilization for reducing the environmental impact by pollution.
  • Implement infographic to raise awareness and educate staff on issues related to sustainability.