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Prevention of exploitation of human beings

Hotel Rapa Nui declares its support for the campaign launched in recent years by various organizations, such as UNICEF or UNTWO, which have among their goals, take initiatives to protect the physical and moral integrity of human beings, especially minors.

Our company, which is specialized in the attention of tourists and tour packages design, declares its commitment to the prevention of exploitation of human beings in all its forms, particularly sexual, especially when minors may affect.

Under the above, we want to communicate the measures we have taken to support this campaign:

1.Not promoting sex tourism in any of its aspects, carefully designing our tour packages.
2.Adhere to legal regulations concerning matters on exploitation, especially those younger humans, both nationally and internationally.
3.Train our personnel in prevention of exploitation of human beings
4.Inform our suppliers our rejection of the exploitation of human beings, and especially child prostitution.

While we can not guarantee that this does not happen, you're welcome to join this project, in order to promote fair and sustainable tourism, while we show our support for the prevention of illegal practices.

Tourist Decalogue

Decalogue to prevent sex tourism with children and adolescents commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is a grave violation of human rights, causing damage to the physical, mental, social and moral health.

Every tourist, domestic or foreign, must know that the transgression of the laws 19.617 (Sexual Offences), 20.526 (Trafficking), as amended, involves criminal penalties under the following circumstances:

  1. Using advertising that suggests the provision of sexual tourism services under eighteen.
  2. Advise tourists on places where it facilitate, coordinate or provide sexual services consumption NNA.
  3. Inducing or provide facilities to NNA to carry out acts of sexual connotation with passengers of a hotel.
  4. NNA facilitate the entry of the areas of hotel accommodation, or visit the passengers when they fail to prove consanguinity, even if you do not have documentation proving their identity.
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They Are Children and Adolescents (NNA) all persons under eighteen years of age. They are rights, opinionated, progressive degrees of autonomy and should be protected from exploitation and abuse.

The hotel staff, should stand before a crime, or be required by passengers against potential unlawful must make contact with the PDI emergency telephone number 134 and make a complaint.

Administrators and hotel receptionists should be aware that operators exploit the weaknesses that provides the tourism industry to violate the rights of children and adolescents.

El rubro hotelero, se abstendrá de ofrecer, de forma expresa o tácitamente, planes o programas que incluyan ESCNNA, adoptando medidas para impedir que sus trabajadores, dependientes o intermediarios incurran en un delito.

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Personal hotelero y tour operadores, deben estar informados acerca de las consecuencias legales de la ESCNNA en Chile, a fin de proporcionar información oportuna a los turistas.

PDI, Labour Directorate and SENAME municipalities are in Chile calls the authorities to audit, inspect, monitor and punish providers of hotel and tourist services that do not meet the law.

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Hotel establishments, in order to protect children and adolescents from all forms of exploitation and sexual violence, should promote within their precincts, graphic materials to guide passengers to ask for help, alerting and / or reporting.

If the IT area of ​​the hotel, detects sale, distribution, promotion and / or storage of child pornography, it must account to the administration and then report the facts to the PDI.

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For "Global Code of Ethics for Tourism", the exploitation of human beings in any form, infringes the fundamental objectives of tourism, generating negative effects on the lives of children and adolescents in their development.